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New Year’s Eve is a strange holiday. I have never really been one for resolutions. Most of my resolutions have been awkwardly drawn out by the circle-up-and-share-your-resolutions-time in my family every year.

I do, however, see the merit in a new year. Now that I’m out of school, the days are kind of mushing together. I could see how the years could start to run together in one big puddle of past years and experiences without the intentional stop and start. January 1st is a great time to stop.

I love Erin at Design for Mankind’s “Life List” and Angie’s 28×28 list. I think that something along those lines is something I can get on board with doing for the year. Wow, that was a pretty uncertain sentence for January 2nd.

Isaiah and I did one together for 2011. A list of things we’d like to do this year and one umbrella change in mindset to live more deliberately.

resolutions: start school, get married, be healthier, read more, quit smoking for 2011 in a general goal list  /></em></p><p>I also got the first round of <a href=graduation photos back. I thought graduation wouldn’t mean anything to me – the actual ceremony, that is. But instead, it was beautifully ceremonial, traditional and meaningful. All of the regalia and the weird hats really made it two hours totally worth spending there.

graduation from UNT the university of north texas with family  /></p><p>Our holidays were quiet and peaceful, full of pets, cookies, family time and shopping in some weirdly niche and cute little shopping centers around here. I’ve discovered the benefit to Christmas and birthday shopping immediately after Christmas when the sales are insane.</p><p><img title=ChristmaHanaKwanzika series, I haven’t been doing much updating on “us” lately.

Oh! We also started a spending freeze for January inspired by A Merry Mishap. It’s spending only on gas, food and absolute necessities. We want to know where our money is going. Hopefully, this will help us keep our lifestyle in check even more. My uncle used to tell my mom and me, “If you can’t manage a little bit of money, you can’t manage a lot of money.”

I hope, for those of you whose full-fledged work weeks start back up today, that you’re finding to time to relax and decompress a bit. Hopefully all of the holiday cookies aren’t gone yet and you can still sneak away for a little sugar rush.

What are your goals for the year?

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  1. Jo:

    Aww, you guys are so cute! (Last year I had more words than actual goals–talk about setting yourself up to succeed because you can do anything and say it complies!–and they were balance, intentional, and assertive).

    Spending freezes are FANTASTIC. We had a really good money examining time when we combined finances. Our styles are so different, and we both thought they were frugal but we’re spendy in ways the other isn’t, so that was a good check.

    Great resolutions! Mine are over on my blog, too many to relist! :)

  2. Lena:

    I’m not a resolutions girl either, but your gorgeous little list of things to improve in 2011 totally appeals to me! Can’t wait to see what wonderful things 2011 will bring for you both (like getting hitched-horray!).

  3. lizzie & isaiah:

    that sounds excellent…can’t wait to see where all of our money is going…we’re probably going to do the same in february because my mom wants to try it together with us!

    happy new year, jo! loved your resolutions!

  4. lizzie & isaiah:

    aww, thanks lena! back atcha! :)

  5. The Demoiselle:

    You two are too cute! Love this post and will be around checking out what you guys have cooking this year! ;)

  6. lizzie & isaiah:

    what! you are too sweet. thanks so much, we’re pumped for 2011!

  7. Ms. Bunny:

    I loved graduation in the cap and gown. There’s something about it that really speaks to me — the tradition, the formal presentation of a degree, the finality of the moment. It was really fun.

    You’ve guys have had a big 2010. Can’t wait to hear what 2011 has in store for you both!

  8. lyn:

    I love your 11 for 2011! You’re inspiring me to want to start my own with the beau, but I’m not sure that we’d make it to 11. Also, your graduation pictures are adorable! I’m glad you had the ceremony.

  9. lizzie & isaiah:

    awww thanks ms. bunny! we’re excited for 2011 as well…i know it’ll be a big year for you and mr. beagle as well. :) i loved graduation…it was absolutely magical.

  10. lizzie & isaiah:

    awww, thanks lyn. :) you are a total badass and the thought that i inspire YOU to do anything is just ridiculous to me. thanks so much for the compliments…blushing at far too late of an hour.

  11. jacqueline:

    Dearest sweet lizzie, you are soo inspiring and i adore your 11 in 2011 too!! You are so beautiful and your graduation photos are gorgeous…congratz sweet sweet friend! Wishing you LOVE and JOY this new year! Thanks so much for your love and support you always send my way! Love to you!

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  13. Nicole {Niche White}:

    You are so flippin’ gorgeous!

    My goals are…um….I don’t know. I like all of yours, can I just copy? Except the ‘Get Married’ one because I already did that. Maybe I’ll change it to ‘Stay Married’ ;)

  14. Christie O. {Hindsight Bride}:

    Awesome resolutions Lizzie. I may have to steal the do something creative everyday. And quitting smoking is a great resolution! The very best of luck to you!

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  16. Lisa:

    I would finish any list that looked that gorgeous! also, a spending freeze is such a good idea. perhaps I will follow suit!

  17. lizzie & isaiah:

    aww! thanks, jacqueline! best of luck in the new year!

  18. lizzie & isaiah:

    whhhhaa!? ha, thanks…stay married is a badass goal…should renew it every year, yeah?

  19. lizzie & isaiah:

    thanks for the support christie, you’re always so sweet!

  20. lizzie & isaiah:

    thanks :) definitely recommended…although we forgot to set rules around naturally…we err’d on the side of “have a fun, laid-back month”

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