why we probably won’t use the blog community to find vendors for our wedding

I have more than 700 blogs I read every day. Some I skim just for headlines before I read – like my advertising or HR/career daily reads. I read every post of about 200 blogs a day because I love them. I have always been a big fan Shared Human Experience’s. I believe in the power of blogs to level certain playing fields. Sharing information instead of hoarding and staying an unknown expert is something I’ve seen the benefits of in others’ lives.

Also – planning a wedding without blogs would be a nightmare for me. Or, maybe it would have been easier if I had never found them. We would have gone to the VFW or a church or something. But I can’t un-know what I know now, yeah?

We have found a couple of potential vendors through the blog community:  photographers, venues, the dresses – OMFG, the dresses. We thought we hit the jackpot.

In the beginning, we contacted a couple of photographers because we collectively geeked out over their work and it was like a first date when they responded back.

“We love your work! We’re planning a wedding. Wanna be part of it?! Schwee!”

“Of course! We’ll even give you a discount because you’re so fucking awesome.”

“What?! That’s aweSOME, but don’t worry about a discount. We want to pay you what you’re worth. What’s next, yo?”

“Oh! Awesome! Well, we’re on a moderate budget, so let’s talk pricing.”


“…………” Radio silence.

My question: I follow your blog. That’s how I met you. When I email you to follow-up and ask if everything’s okay and get continued silence, but daily posts pop up on your blog, that’s not what I would call incentive to work together.

Unfortunately, a lot of our experiences with local vendors we have found on blogs have been like this.

It’s a shame. I’m not sure if there’s some post deep down in the archives of our blog that hints we’re douche-nozzles to work with or what…but after the first whoopee-inspiring talk, we can’t seem to move forward into the commitment part of it.

And I’m starting to think it’s not us.

Did you have a similar experience? WTF.

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  1. The Thirty-Something Bride:

    Boo! This makes me sad. I hope that folks don’t ever think that of me! I can’t imagine not continuing a conversation with a potential client.

  2. Sarah:

    What?! That’s crazy-pants. Boo to those blog-vendors.

  3. Another Emma:

    This does indeed suck, but what I found, which I am not saying is good business in any way, is that if I really wanted to get serious with a vendor – no matter how big and trusting my love for the interwebs -I actually needed to make the phone call. I HATE making phone calls, so this was difficult for me. But it became more and more clear that a lot of vendors who have blogs or websites are actually incapable of conducting efficient business via those channels. One phone call or even in person meeting and they were all systems go, super nice, and great business people. I started to think perhaps they just weren’t very tech savvy, but were forced to have an internet face to keep up with competition/marketing.

  4. Christie O. {Hindsight Bride}:

    I am just still working on the launch of my own vendor directory. It’s been months in the making because, instead of just hanging up a single and saying “give me money and I’ll list you,” I’m so freaking picky about recommending ANYONE to my readers. This post has me thinking about vendors and vetting them in a new light. The gears are turning, and I think I have a few ideas (half-baked after five minutes of thinking, but promising nonetheless)…

    Any suggestions from you or your readers?

  5. Alyssa:

    That’s ridiculous.

    Then again, you might be dodging a bullet. if they suck at responding, what else do they suck at?

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