Priorities: Money, Food, Ridiculous Tumblrs

by lizzie & isaiah on February 14, 2012 · 6 comments

There are a list of adult things you’re supposed to be able to handle when you’re in your mid-to-late-twenties. Things:

  • Balance your checkbook
  • Go to the bank and, like, talk to them about your money and shit
  • Shop for groceries and provide food for yourself and your partner
  • Keep your aminals fed and happy
  • Exercise
  • Clean your living space on a reasonable basis
  • Manage your sleep schedule
  • Make a living
The problem here is that our priority list shifts, like, really quickly to this:
  • Make a living
  • Make regular, expensive food runs shop for groceries and provide food for yourself and your partner
  • Keep your aminals fed and happy
  • Freelance work for more money
  • Manage your sleep schedule
  • Clean your living space on a reasonable basis
  • Go to the bank
  • Balance checkbook
  • Create ridiculous Tumblrs with the minutes of free time we have in a week
  • Exercise
  • Plan our wedding
I only have room for so many priorities and the adult ones are pretty boring. Naturally, they suffer most when we’re ultra busy. Our place is a mess. I haven’t slept a normal eight hours in a couple of months. I don’t even think I have a checkbook linked to my account, so how am I meant to balance it?
But thanks to our complete lack of adulthood and grownuppery, I give you our latest projects:
Isaiah has created a Tumblr dedicated to photo mashups of Neil Patrick Harris and the famous Patricks. It’s called Neil Patrick Stewart, but he has also done Neil Patrick Dempsey and Neil Patrick Star.
As wastes of time go, this one is pretty hilarious.

Two Revisions

I’ve been a little burned out from writing about serious shit all the time. I am also obsessed with Pinterest. I started a Tumblr for our design inspiration, our design work and all things badass. We’re sharing everything from tattoo inspiration to Malkovich-ness to Parks and Recreation-inspired design. I’m pretty excited about it. We’ll likely move our design talks off of this blog and over to the Tumblr until we can come up with a better solution. Cool? Cool.

I’m pretty excited about it. Even if our place is better absorbed at the moment with our eyes closed, McAwesome was totally worth it.

Also! Valentine’s Day!

These phenomenal Valentine’s cards are from Ben Kling. He’s a pretty creative little dude. He has a series of TV characters, dictators, historical dudes, and I’m pretty sure more are coming. Stay tuned for an awesome Valentine’s.

And have a great one, yo.

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Lena February 14, 2012 at 5:58 pm

I love this. And I will admit that as of yesterday, I hadn’t washed my hair in 8 days. That’s a grown up thing you’re supposed to be able to manage, right? I think blowing through a $30 bottle of dry shampoo equaled it all out.



kathleen February 16, 2012 at 12:08 am

EXCELLENT. I love everything about this. And I also am obsessed with Pinterest (lucky you having it to keep track of wedding shit!) and am doing a terrible job of managing my sleep schedule. But my pets are fed and cared for, so that’s something!


Alicia {The Charity Wedding} February 16, 2012 at 4:57 pm

HAAA! I love the Neil Patrick mash ups. Purely hilarious. If exercising is part of being an adult, I am screwed. Also do people really still balance check books?


Jo February 19, 2012 at 1:24 pm

Those are hilarious tumblrs. HILARIOUS.

Also, go you getting exercised!!


Kathy March 13, 2012 at 4:19 pm

HOW I MET YOUR MOTHER’S ANATOMY?!?! Stop it! It hurts when I laugh like that.


The Thirty-Something Bride March 17, 2012 at 5:35 pm

You know how old I am. Up until a few years ago I desperately attempted to balance my checkbook. Never, not once did I ever get it right. Most times weren’t even close.
My mom, someone who I watched balance our family checkbook to the penny every month while I was growing up, would be ashamed.
I called her and confessed a fit of checkbook-rage one day. You know what she said?
“Oh Louise, I haven’t balanced our checkbook it YEARS. It’s too hard.”
My mom? A degree’d mathematician? She said, back in the day, it was MUCH easier w/o auto deposit and ALL the bills we have today. They simply didn’t exist. She says she checks her online balance every week or two for anything wonky and calls it a day.
I still write down the checks I write, but other than that, I give it that chore the big, fat finger.
I think you should too. Just make sure you’re watching it online.


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