About Us

love your way

We’re from/we met in Chicago. We live in Texas. We’re planning a kick-ass, budget wedding in an undisclosed location (meaning: we haven’t decided yet). We love design and all things pretty – photography, art, food….food? Yeah, food. TV, movies, etc.

We began this blog as “Lizzie & Isaiah’s $10,000 Dollar Wedding” to store inspiration for our wedding. We wound up finding awesome bloggers like this, this and this pretty damn quickly and wanted to connect. Then, like us, the site relocated. We are shooting for an under $10k wedding and wanted to broaden our scope.


A painter, poet and musician working as a graphic designer. With an extremely creative eye and lots of unique talents for a do-it-yourself wedding, the scales are a little unbalanced with his help.

Things he loves:


A writer and obsessive organizer working as a photographer while studying public relations. I’ll be the main blogger of the site, but Isaiah will contribute now and then.

Things she loves:

  • Isaiah
  • NPR
  • Movies: Spectacular movies only.
  • Music: Indie, Indie Rock, Rock, Trip Hop, Hip Hop, Soul, the best from most other genres.
  • PRSSA (Public Relations Student Society of America)
  • Photography and all things unusually beautiful.