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love your fresh start

by lizzie & isaiah on January 3, 2011 · 21 comments

New Year’s Eve is a strange holiday. I have never really been one for resolutions. Most of my resolutions have been awkwardly drawn out by the circle-up-and-share-your-resolutions-time in my family every year.

I do, however, see the merit in a new year. Now that I’m out of school, the days are kind of mushing together. I could see how the years could start to run together in one big puddle of past years and experiences without the intentional stop and start. January 1st is a great time to stop.

I love Erin at Design for Mankind’s “Life List” and Angie’s 28×28 list. I think that something along those lines is something I can get on board with doing for the year. Wow, that was a pretty uncertain sentence for January 2nd.

Isaiah and I did one together for 2011. A list of things we’d like to do this year and one umbrella change in mindset to live more deliberately.

resolutions: start school, get married, be healthier, read more, quit smoking for 2011 in a general goal list on love your way design and wedding blog

I also got the first round of graduation photos back. I thought graduation wouldn’t mean anything to me – the actual ceremony, that is. But instead, it was beautifully ceremonial, traditional and meaningful. All of the regalia and the weird hats really made it two hours totally worth spending there.

graduation from UNT the university of north texas with family on love your way design and wedding blog

Our holidays were quiet and peaceful, full of pets, cookies, family time and shopping in some weirdly niche and cute little shopping centers around here. I’ve discovered the benefit to Christmas and birthday shopping immediately after Christmas when the sales are insane.

the holidays in texas on love your way design and wedding blog

All in all, we had a wonderful time for the holidays. Sorry for the jam-packed post…but since the ChristmaHanaKwanzika series, I haven’t been doing much updating on “us” lately.

Oh! We also started a spending freeze for January inspired by A Merry Mishap. It’s spending only on gas, food and absolute necessities. We want to know where our money is going. Hopefully, this will help us keep our lifestyle in check even more. My uncle used to tell my mom and me, “If you can’t manage a little bit of money, you can’t manage a lot of money.”

I hope, for those of you whose full-fledged work weeks start back up today, that you’re finding to time to relax and decompress a bit. Hopefully all of the holiday cookies aren’t gone yet and you can still sneak away for a little sugar rush.

What are your goals for the year?