artist: sarah of raining tea and biscuits

by lizzie & isaiah on April 25, 2011 · 21 comments

I couldn’t tell you how I ran into the blog Raining Tea and Biscuits, but I did. It didn’t take me long to add it to my reader because I fuh-reaked out over a triangle tattoo she posted one day and knew I wanted to see more of what she shared. Sarah so sweetly submitted her work to be shared and I think her style is the bees knees. Check out her blog for introductions to new artists and to follow Sarah’s journey through finding her style in art school.

Hello, my name is Sarah from Raining Tea and Biscuits. I am a History with History of Art student from the UK. For a few years now i have been constantly yearning to create but i simply didn’t feel i had the confidence in my practice to explore the many ideas i kept accumulating. So i thought i would take the plunge and begin a project. I thought it would be interesting to start by exploring the self, my aim being to produce a series of self portraits that reveal a true, honest and real image of myself.

For me self portraits reveal to us a lot about the self. How we perceive ourselves as individuals, how we think others view us and also how we would like to be seen. But very rarely do we see a self portrait that is honest, true and real. And this is what i wanted to challenge.

Here are a couple of self portraits by three of my favorite female artists which really caught my eye whilst i was doing some research for this project.

Self Portrait. Suzy Wimbourne.

Self Portrait. Barbara Hepworth.

Untitled. Francesca Woodman.

And here’s what i produced.

A Self Portrait.

This was an image i shot a couple of weeks ago and one which marks the beginning of what i hope to be a long journey as an artist. Although a tad on the rusty side i hope A Self Portrait although simple i hope reveals who i am in a true, real and honest manner.