you might need a super-power to get hired

by lizzie & isaiah on January 13, 2012 · 3 comments

My post on getting hired with super-powers was on Glass Heel yesterday. Here’s a snippet:

I recently began mentoring a college student. Like many other college students today, she wants to continue to graduate school.

Why? Because of the job market.

When I graduated a little more than a year ago, it seemed every other person went on to graduate school and the “every other” of us went out nervously looking for jobs. While many of the students I graduated with haven’t been hired yet, a lot of them have.

But that’s because they have superpowers, of course.

Anyone who knows anything about superpowers (or Wikipedia) knows you can only get powers in three ways: you’re born that way like Superman, something makes you that way like the Green Lantern or something natural happens and you evolve like the X-Men.

You can tap into your superpowers to get hired in the same way.

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little less doing, more talking

by lizzie & isaiah on May 27, 2011 · 18 comments

I’ve always been a “doer.”

That’s a lie. I made a conscious decision after my freshman year of high school, which literally went by while I slept 16 hours a day and smoked whole packs of cigarettes in Denny’s booths and neglected my classes. I wrote some, in barely bound notebooks that I can’t find and mainly I bitched about the bureaucracy of my Nazarene college and 8 a.m. chapel services.

So, I’ve only actually been a “doer” for a few years, but it’s a state of mind, and I’d like to think that once you’re there, you’re there. It can also be called determined, ambitious, hard-working, impatient, constantly ready, Land of the Obnoxious Planners.

It has been kind of problematic for me, not gonna lie. I have 10,000,001 projects I have my hands in at all times and eventually, one of the balls has to drop. Excuse me while I burst into laughter in my living room.

You know what I mean.

I am seriously time management challenged, I believe. Between a full-time job I love and commit hours outside of work to because it’s that awesome, stationery orders, branding and corporate freelance design and copy projects, decorating our new place, writing this blog (which is, actually, my release from the rest), raising a new puppy, pro-bono design and copy projects we take on because we love our friends and family and setting travel plans for the summer and handling all of the other garbage that happens on a weekly basis (i.e. my “check engine” light has been on for more than 3 months), I have a hard time keeping it all together. I just accepted a “second job” of sorts, more of an apprenticeship that Lauren is sweet enough to make a paid position, in a letterpress studio here in Fort Worth to try to learn the trade.

I’m sure you guys are sick of making my decisions for me. Have I mentioned I’m indecisive? I want to write. I know that. I want to dedicate my life to writing. But I also want to live a full life. One I never said “I can’t” to myself in. At the risk of becoming a jack of all trades/master of none, I want to try everything. I’m signed up for a few creative classes for the summer and I just don’t know where to stop, I guess. I work 19 hours out of most days, sleep for a few hours at night and in all of that, it’s easy to get caught in yourself. Our relationship suffers a bit during these times. I get cranky and feel worn down and stretched too thin. I eat garbage (not literally, c’mon) and feel like garbage and our place starts to look like garbage and I’m looking around for someone to blame and it always falls on Isaiah, whether it’s his fault or not.

You don’t need to know all of that.

What you need to know is that I want to talk more, do less. Think about the logistics of new projects before I take them on. Think about what gets lost if I accept another responsibility. Think more, talk it over with Isaiah, do less and do better.

Anyone else?

image: Bash Please Studio photographed by Laure Joliet found on You Are My Fave through Pinterest (phew!)


an escape and the legend of the work/life balance

by lizzie & isaiah on February 25, 2011 · 22 comments

Everyone’s clamoring about wanting work/life balance, but no one wants to be the ogre who sets the expectations.

Yesterday I was running all around with Dr. and dentist appointments and I took a break from the blog world just for a day. I get a lot out of sharing personal and inspiration-style content every day and I hope everyone knows that I love getting a peek into what’s going on with you too. And I’m not going on an oh-so-typical rampage about how I need space and personal time. I’m just saying it was nice.

One of the most firm values I hold is the value of having a personal life, having time where I shut down and just relax and spend time with my handsome. However, inside me grows the beast of a workaholic and I’m not pumped about how hungry it gets when I love what I’m doing.

My mom works at the executive level and often stays up until midnight answering emails and phone calls from work. Eventually when she powers down it’s only for a bath and sleep. Do they respect and value her any more where she works? No. Do they appreciate or notice the hours she’s putting in? No. They only expect that commitment now.

If you don’t separate your work and personal lives, you won’t have a personal life. It doesn’t make you a better employee, it doesn’t exercise your brain any more and it doesn’t make you a better partner. The inability to set boundaries for yourself makes every aspect of your life hurt.

Obviously for some projects it’s necessary to work overtime to hit the deadline and what not. I get that. But for the most part, even if you wade through all of “X” amount of work tonight, there’s gonna be the same amount there tomorrow for you to go through again.

I just tried it this week.

I tried letting work stay to working hours and if I felt too stressed about something on the blog, I gave it a rest for a day and my week felt immensely full. Almost twice as long as other weeks where I’ve been scrambling through the night to get things done and then to have to do it all over again tomorrow.

Give it a shot?

Work/Life balance, does it exist?

Photo: “Fire Escapes III” by Jen Spinner found on Pinterest

Extras: You can listen to the song “Workaholic” to hear more.


be extraordinary: what can you create?

by lizzie & isaiah on January 24, 2011 · 38 comments

I have a flobbity-jillion hobbies.

At least 1/2 of that flobbity makes me happy.

I’m having a hard time choosing a career path.

These are the facts.

I love graphic design, creating things, writing, PR, reporting, radio, reading, gocco and letterpress, almost anything I can call my own project and it usually doesn’t matter what it involves…

My problem is: I’ve been looking for a career that uses all of these and it doesn’t exist.

I’m heading to graduate school and choosing a program has been hell. Graphic design, creative writing, arts administration, RTVF? They all sound amazing. I was afraid that if I chose one, I would feel buyer’s remorse almost immediately and wondered if I could’ve been a contender in one of the others.

After hours and hours of thought and deliberation, I landed on a program and a career that I think will work for me.

With a lot of my hobbies, I have an acute ability to reproduce with a twist. I can take graphic inspiration from somewhere else and make something different with that inspiration. I can recreate crafts from other artists with just enough uniqueness that it’s mine, but the idea came from someone else. I was always struggling to find my own voice in radio. I’m not going to be a-movin’ and a-shakin’ in any of those fields because I’ll never be first. I’ll never have the idea that sparks other people’s inspiration. I’ll never create from nothing.

That’s how I landed on the Creative Writing program.

Writing is the only place I feel as though I can actually create something from nothing. I feel as though I can learn from other writers without spitting up a spawn of their works. I’ve loved writing since I was six. After my energy reserve for all the other hobbies runs out, I always return to writing.

I was talking with Angie about the programs we’re struggling with lately and we both agreed that in the public relations programs at both of our schools, they just never really critiqued our work. I have never had the opportunity to have my work put through the fire to see what kind of a writer could come out the other side. It will likely be brutal, but I want that.

Getting published this past semester was key for me…it was a thrill I had yet to feel from any of the other creative endeavors we’ve set out on. I want that feeling…and I want it over and over and over again.

If you haven’t read Seth Godin’s The Dip, I highly recommend it. The main point of the book is written as, “Quit the wrong stuff. Stick with the right stuff. Have the guts to do one or the other.”

I’m trying. That was my leap into the Creative Writing program – the willingness to be judged and critiqued, the juevos to quit a few things and accept that I’m never gonna be next ___________ and the wisdom to know the difference (wait?).

You won’t be extraordinary as long as you’re stretched across too many activities. Have the balls to be excellent and quit.


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