death to ctrlp

by lizzie & isaiah on August 24, 2011 · 55 comments

CtrlP is dead and here’s why.

We’ve had two great clients. We have gotten to work with a lot of friends outside of Etsy from the blog and those have all been great projects. We’ve landed a couple of projects unrelated to weddings. For the most part, however, working with couples has been a nightmare. It’s the MOST IMPORTANT PIECE OF PAPER IN THEIR ENTIRE LIVES and they’re not afraid to be bitchy to get it “perfect.”

We’ve had more than one couple ask us to directly plagiarize another shop’s work.

We’ve had couples get seven revisions instead of the usual two and complain that they didn’t get their value.

We’ve sent couples final proofs for printing stating we are not responsible for errors after they approve the final proofs and when there is a detail missing or something they forgot to tell us – it’s been our fault.

We don’t like weddings enough to put up with it.

We don’t like working with couples and their mother in laws and extended family members and coworkers and that guy they knew in high school and getting suggestions from all of them in “reply to all” chain emails.

We have had couples ask us to design for free because they’re “submitting their wedding to a huge wedding blog and the exposure would be great.”

We have had blogs ask us if we would like to be featured and systematically turned down every one because Heaven forbid it land us a client.

We made our shop’s standard designs a year ago and hate them now.

We started the shop because we wanted to work with rad couples who wanted affordable design and instead, we wound up completely deflated by cheap couples who don’t appreciate design and think we should be paying them for the pleasure of working on their project.

What’s funny is that when you try to offer a service inexpensively to couples because you yourself are on a strict budget, you wind up with clients who are more demanding, less appreciative and extremely time-consuming. They’re never satisfied. Because the couple who spends $30 on their invitations sometimes, not always, but sometimes are doing so because they don’t believe design is worth spending the money.

So, just so you know. If you’re looking for a great invitation designer and aren’t planning on being an asshole to your wedding vendors - check these out:

Ruby and Willow

I adore Kate’s style and designs. She is incredibly talented and friendly and her work is impeccable. You should absolutely be working with her.

My favorite suite: Windsor


Amma is fantastic. Her blog is fantastic. Her style is fantastic. Take a look through her work and try to guess which ones are my favorite. It’s pretty obvious.


I saw these beauties on Postcards & Pretties the other day. They would be fantastic to work with. They have awesome designs and you should be stoked.

My favorite suite: Karen


DIY your own invitations with these awesome tutorials from Oh So Beautiful Paper:  Kraft Paper Chevron Invitations & Modern Perforated Invitations

Anyway. It’s not a huge deal, really. It’s been an interesting experience. Corporate clients and friend clients are just 10,000 times easier than the girl who hires someone for $100 and thinks she owns them for the next three months. If you want to work together on something, I can guarantee you we won’t hate you. We might even relaunch someday with better designs. Probably not. But we would love to work on your project:  your baby announcement, your blog design or your logo or other design projects.

Because we like you. We really like you. We just don’t like the strangers on Etsy.


jessica and matt’s mixtape wedding invitations

by lizzie & isaiah on June 7, 2011 · 24 comments

Hopefully it’s not painfully obvious, but we haven’t had as much time to dedicate to the blog as we love to have lately. We’ve been freelancing it up, ladies and gentlemen (Hi, Bret!). We’ve had several corporate and personal identity projects lately, two custom invitation suites, our first blog design client (I’ve been studying the beast of CSS for the past few months).

We had a blast working with Jessica and Matt on their invitations. They worked with us on the mixtape invitation set and printing and they were so sweet about the results.

We’re revamping everything in the shop, because, you see…we’ve learned a lot in the past year and we have gotten to a point where we’ve slowly taken everything down because we dislike it. What’s left has left us in a barren state, my friends, so while the shop is empty and we’re revamping, we just wanted to share a little of what we’ve been working on.

Stay tuned this week for a giveaway on Sarah & Tony’s Inconceivable Life as well.


six flags and family

by lizzie & isaiah on April 6, 2011 · 23 comments

Well, that’s not an attractive face is it? Hm. Not a great way to start off a post.

After this weekend, I can now say I’ve been on a full-on roller coaster, my friends.

I may or may not be 23 and still irrationally terrified of roller coasters.

I also may or may not have seen Final Destination 3 just before I was certain I was ready to give it a shot.

I was 11 the first time I tried to go on a roller coaster. It’s called The Whizzer and it’s still operational at Six Flags Great America (Gurnee). My cousin held my hand. In the middle of the first incline, I had an accident. I whizzed myself on The Whizzer. That’s a bear of a memory, folks. I also don’t remember seeing any of the Six Flags staff with bleach and rags afterward either…so if you rode The Whizzer after me summer of 1999, I sincerely apologize.

After the first ride this past weekend, I bucked up (largely due to disapproving stares from my 13-year-old cousin that said “wimp”) and rode all of the major coasters on site. Even Mr. Freeze.

Besides that, we have family in from out-of-town this weekend and we’ve been tying up a few freelance projects. One of which was a custom header completed for the lovely Cambria Bold, Apartment Therapy blogger, writer and musician. Her blog, The Typeface Warbler, is just getting up and running and is one you’re gonna want to follow.

I hope your week is going lovely and you’re pumped about Wednesday. I’m off to count my points for this morning’s delicious breakfast.


geek out: lately baby

by lizzie & isaiah on February 23, 2011 · 22 comments

geek out - a collection of greats from around the web worth freaking out about.

We never self-promote, we can say that, right? I think we’ve mentioned the shop once or twice since we opened in July. We have three orders this week and I think the shop might be picking up a bit, but we never tell anyone about it, so I suppose the fact that we have a few sales is a miracle, no?

We made these custom baby announcements as a baby gift for Liz of Happy Sighs. Couldn’t be happier that she liked them! They’re up in the shop now as a high-res customized PDF and we can now offer printing, which is really exciting (!) for super cheap.

We have all kinds of colors, these are our favorites to work with.

Other than that, we’ve been designing quite a few blog headers lately, here are two of my favorites for a new blog called The Typeface Warbler (we’ll share when it’s up and running!).

This week, we moved the mattress into the living room and we’ve been enjoying a hella fun campout every night. We’re designing, Isaiah’s drawing, I’m writing, we’re watching our favorite shows in the background. I know i want more of this…coming home to a campout and ultra clean apartment, thanks to Isaiah. There’s a big event going on at work today and we’ve been prepping for it for weeks. I haven’t been getting much sleep, despite the long weekend, and I’m happy for the small blessings this week.

Anything exciting going on this week for you? I hope so. It’s gonna be a great week.


Template Thursdays: Thank You Knot

October 7, 2010

Continuing on with Template Thursdays break-from-simply-weddings tradition, here are some simple, knotty thank-you note templates you can print out if you’d like. Download the knotty thank-you note. Hope you enjoy the free templates! If there’s anything in specific you’d like to see, let us know! Visit our Etsy shop – CtrlP – for more designs [...]

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Short story to tell you first. I was forced to take my third college science course this semester: Environmental Science. (Can you tell I’m just ridiculously lacking in the love department for science?) I used to be the girl dumping trash out my window on the highway, and I hate to be the stereotypical “Oh! The [...]

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ctrlP Discount

October 3, 2010

Just a heads up that we’ve lowered prices in our Etsy shop for the next couple of weeks! We’ve gotten some custom work outside of Etsy, but to promote the shop, all suites are already marked to 50%. If you know anyone in need, pass it along! We are also hosting a giveaway tomorrow for a [...]

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