whence we got engaged

by lizzie & isaiah on March 17, 2011 · 35 comments

Two years ago today was the first time we were both flying home. After a long journey of him in Las Vegas, me in Texas, me in Chicago, him in Las Vegas, him in Chicago and me in Texas, we were finally going on our first trip together.

I helped pick out my ring. I knew it was coming at some point.

He had been so smiley on the plane that I was suspicious. Almost right out of the gates in O’Hare Airport in Chicago there is a walkway that is all windows on both sides. The light comes in beautifully. We could see our city for the first time in more than a year together.

I wasn’t interested in the view. I was bookin’ it to the baggage claim because I mean business in the airport. No time to lollygag, chop chop.

Isaiah dropped to his knee and pulled my hand back. It took a second for me to get out of, “LET’S GO!” mode. We had two connecting flights that day. We had been traveling for more than eight hours for a flight that takes two.

“Marry me.”

“What!? Yes.”

I snatched the ring from its case, slipped it on my finger and pulled him up off of his knees before people started staring. The proposal, in total, lasted about 20 seconds. It was perfect.

Image: Oly Ruiz, Metrophoto


The Phase Before

by lizzie & isaiah on November 9, 2010 · 9 comments

I have this tendency to over think things. I’m not sure if that’s apparent yet, or not. If not, well then I’ll have to work on being a bit more transparent, won’t I?

Not only am I a Type A personality and an ENFP on the Keirsey Temperament Test, I am always thinking about the next phase. Exhibit A – I had senioritis when I was a sophomore in high school.

When Isaiah and I got engaged, however, is the only time I haven’t acted on my impulses as a planner and dreamer to put it all together immediately. Actually, there’s a lot about how our relationship got to this point that has resulted because he changes some of the fundamental things about me that sometimes lead to regrets.

Let me start by telling you that I took a year-long hiatus from dating at 18 because I had become a complete chameleon. Or as a popular story involving Julia Roberts goes, I didn’t know how I wanted my eggs. I spent a year with myself. I read, I rediscovered things I loved and had neglected (piano) and I tried to determine what the hell was wrong with me.

Anyways, I came out the other side of a year and that’s when Isaiah and I started “talking” for real (I’m a middle-schooler sometimes) – we were friends first.

One of an annoying amount of lessons I learned during that time was to establish and embrace/nurture my weaknesses, depending on the situation. My tendency to always look five steps ahead of now often causes me to lose enjoyment in certain phases – kind of the whole live-in-the-moment-thing.

My point is this: Rather than jumping to plan the wedding, we’ve been engaged for almost two years and haven’t planned a thing. It’s not procrastination, I promise you. We are simply enjoying this “stage.” The being engaged stage.

We highly enjoyed and recommend making the most of the dating phase as well.

I’ve not yet succeeded in applying this level of stage-comfort to any other aspect in my life (school & my career freakout), but hey, it’s a step.

Like everything said in this blog, this is just my opinion and the way things work for us. Have you tried enjoying the engaged phase? The married phase before the baby or house phase? The current job phase? The current wardrobe phase?

Just a thought.