the voice or why i don’t watch reality TV

by lizzie & isaiah on June 23, 2011 · 24 comments

Every summer, I promise myself I won’t get sucked into the cesspool of RealityTV. But with “America’s Got Talent” playing up the fake-heat between Piers and Howie and “The Voice” promising to be different from all of the other singing shows, I got bamboozled again.

Never mind that, if they really wanted to find an outstandingly unique voice in the world of music today, the judges would be: ¬†Adele, My Brightest Diamond, Thom Yorke and John Legend. As much as I’ve grown to actually think of Christina Aguilera as a pretty cool chick through the show and Adam Levine is aight, as in – I wouldn’t go out of my way to listen to him – the last people that are going to find the next unique voice are Belty McBeltguilera, Skinny Levine and Some Country Guy.

I can’t touch Cee Lo Green…I like that dude.

All of that aside, however, I was actually starting to doubt my doubt (hm…) in the judges when they started picking artists like Xenia, Casey Weston and Javier Colon to move forward, artists I would have picked as well. Isaiah and I did our “found-the-first-reality-TV-show-that’s-not-rigged” dance and then someone turned the music off when I remembered where I knew Dia Frampton from.

Meg & Dia’s songs “Monster” and “Cardigan Weather” were both on my iPod my sophomore year of college while I went through an indie-girl-rock-only phase. The band was signed with Warner Bros. for three years.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not the type of person to stop listening to a band the second they get huge or get pissed off when a small-time artist starts touring and catches their lucky break.

I do, however, get livid at my television when I hear people talking about how “Dia is just coming out of her shell” and “she’s just grown so much” and all of that. Chick had mad stage presence – the same, in fact, as now, when she was touring with Meg & Dia.

I guess it was just better for the drama if they portrayed her as “just a wee-little baby children’s book author” who wanted to get her feet wet with music.

Xenia was let go last night and she was my favorite, along with Casey Weston (I always loved Stevie Nicks), just after I found out just how many of the artists had been signed before.

That’s not even the main problem. The main problem is that the show is about development. If they had been more transparent about that, what with all of the chair-turning confusion, boxing rings (?) and America votes, but wait, the judges vote too, from the beginning of the show, we would be fine. The show wasn’t meant to be a bunch of miscellaneous try-outs from the everyday crowd…it was always meant to be a development show from a more experienced talent pool, mixed in with some amateur artists with serious potential. We get that. It still seems like the artists are being portrayed like they’re being given the opportunity of a lifetime, to rise out of living in their cars to get a chance to play on the big stage…and two of the final four have been signed by a major record label before?

Well, why didn’t Fiona Apple try out? My favorite voice of all time didn’t want a chance at the gold? What’s that? She already has a successful music career? Well, hell, it seems like it’s a prerequisite.

Whose fault is it really that people decided they didn’t want to hear anything else from you when you had your chance?

And anyway, this is why I hate Reality TV. Not because the show let me down or anything like that…but because I got swept up in all the pageantry again.

Do you remember chat rooms? C’mon. Guys….c’mon. You remember chat rooms. Reality TV is like a chat room. You get all swept up in the drama of the Interwebz for like a day and you’re LOL-ing and STFU-ing and YO MAMA!-ing out the yang…and then you take a day’s break from the computer and all of a sudden it felt really silly…even to tweenage you, you felt ridiculous for being a part of it. I took a step back from Reality TV…and the big picture is FUBAR.

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