geek out: etsy finds

by lizzie & isaiah on June 22, 2011 · 21 comments

So far, I’ve only made two purchases on Etsy, but a few things lingering in my favorites are tempting me quite a bit to put away a quarter of a check every month to devote to Etsy purchases only. I could claim I’m really into supporting handmade art! I want to save the universe! Damn the man! Only, really, there’s just some really amazingly interesting things out there. Check it:

Mook with Shark Mask by I Love Grey Skies

Modern White Baby Head Planter by Mudpuppy

Leather Card Carrying Case by Tovicorrie

Impossible Things Before Breakfast typography print by Kirbee Art

Encaustic Triangles Chosen Art by Sewing Machines

Quit Your Belly-Aching print by Orange Beautiful

Vintage Target Practice Bullseyes by Gallivanting Girls

Don’t forget to enter our handmade fascinator giveaway by TruLu Couture by Friday, June 24th.


treasure hunting for awesome

by lizzie & isaiah on May 16, 2011 · 22 comments

Have I told you my family has had a booth or booths at the County Flea Market in Illinois for more than 35 years? They buy a lot of neat pieces at auctions, clean them up and resell them, but lately they’ve been building some radical industrial pieces from reclaimed barn wood. We’ve already commissioned them to build…just about all of our furniture.

The Kane County Flea Market is a beastly flea-bee with more than 4 fully occupied cattle and sheep barns and a huge outdoor lot full of vendors. There are hundreds of them. That’s just how we thought flea markets went…busy and busting with people hunting for treasure.

Turns out sometimes a flea market can be so small that you question whether or not you will pay the $5 parking fee to get in. Sometimes the vendors barely fill up one cattle barn. Sometimes there’s still dirt on the floor, because in Texas, they actually use their cattle barns year round.

We begrudgingly paid our $5 parking fee and the three of us, mom, Isaiah and I, started skeptically walking around mismatched garage sale finds and boxes.

Even when we started finding stuff that made us gasp a little bit, we weren’t sure if we had flea market Stockholm Syndrome…if we were just empathizing with our captors. We circled the entire football-field-sized barn twice before my mom spent $1 on the hand figurine.

It wound up being a pretty great day. We found some mysterious surgical equipment near the surgical/industrial cart we bought. We overheard some interesting conversation: “Are you a hoarder?” “No. I am a collector.” We provided endless commentary for my mom about the psychology of antique collectors and is that guy really selling that?

All in all, we were happy with our finds: The metal cart, metal stool, doodlin’ pad, cassette recorder (which Isaiah is ECSTATIC about. It was never opened from 1983 to yesterday. HE opened it. It’s actually worth a bit of money, but he likes it for the way it looks), the glass lamp and the amber oil lamps are ours. The rest of the beautiful finds are my mom’s, including that rad grid spoon trivet/soap dish and the fish figure. She did good, right?


geek out: terri planty

by lizzie & isaiah on May 4, 2011 · 14 comments

I want to gush and tell you how amazing Bianca D’Amico is, but I mainly want you to hear from her so you can see it for yourself. I found Bianca’s blog, Terri Planty a while ago and I was mesmerized by her custom terrariums. Each depicts a captivating miniature scene, a minimal mini garden or a full on designed setting in unique planters. Every work of Bianca’s is different, but all of them carry her unmistakable style. It’s clear when you browse through her works as Terri Planty that Bianca is an artist first and foremost. Bianca was kind enough to send me a lot of information about her background and journey as an artist, which I geeked out about on a personal level, since now I think she’s not only a bitchin’ artist, but an awesomely strong chick worth geeking out over. For now, here’s Bianca and a tour of her studio.

i studied painting / new genres at otis college of art and design where i received my bfa and then headed over to calarts (california institute of the arts) for grad school. i loved calarts! it was wild and lively and i had two studios there that were so precious to me. space!
at calarts i really expanded my art process, making larger installations involving video projections, performance, painting, sculpture all centered around topics of feminism, humor and play. after i graduated i continued to work with this subject in all mediums. for me it is very important to go big, loud and explore a wide variety of tools to communicate my concepts. especially because i create environments, you have to constantly find new ways of inviting viewers into your space and seducing them to get involved with your materials.

when i finished school i moved in with my still roomie partner boyfriend bfferick. he is a comedy writer. we gave birth to two cats – looey and nimbi. they are often stars on my blogs. they are my children. i am so in love with them. our home is rad. we have incredible views as we are on a hill. lots of steps up, but worth the work out. (no fun when you drink, and bars are just down the street!)
but point being, i am talking about my home because it changed my life.
my home has a big garden. in the front and back. when we got here it was dirt. some random shrubs, lots of weeds. to me it spoke possibility. i refused to move into an apartment because i thought, shit if i am going to continue living in LA i must have some land! so this place rocked my world.
i began gardening with no clue of what i was doing and my knowledgeable, green thumbed and creative mother warned me to not throw all my money into this rented space. she was right. my first lesson was to educate myself and plant things that would thrive in our landscape and help me save money while still getting the chance to learn and play in the soil. i took a class at ucla and since then have seriously been desiring going back to school for horticulture. the class was mind blowing. it was all about native california flora. it made me realize how important it is to know what you are planting and what effects it has on your environment. it also made me realize, i want to commit my life to working with plants in some form.

i missed making art. art is my first love after all. i did a solo show at a local gallery and incorporated lots of plants into the installation to bridge my recent obsession with plants. plants were everywhere in my home. in my art, i was trying to figure out new ways of displaying them. i had made plant hangers from fruit baskets, i made pants for my plants out of shiny glittery spandex, i had a major collection of plants rooted in water in odd bottles littering every windowsill, i sold succulent clippings in rusted cans for an art charity. and then somehow i got the impulse to make my first terrarium.
one cool thing about making terrariums are all the new tools i get to work with. GIANT tweezers, a magnifier visor, tiny files, tiny brushes and so on. i now know way too much about glue!

i run a website for a really cool boutique in los angeles called pergolina. the owner, paulanna (a dear friend and inspiration) was digging my terrarium and offered that i could try selling them in the shop. i would love to say and they SOLD! but no. they didn’t. i think they were too boring. people weren’t all that into JUST PLANTS. so i was almost going to give the idea up. shortly after showcasing my non selling terrariums i got really really sick, was in bed for weeks, lost my voice completely, my boyfriend took me to the clinic they shot me in the ass with a steroid! i was so sore and messed up. on our way home i insisted we drive to this neat old train shop. while sick in bed i had been thinking about putting small figures in my terrariums, why not stop NOW. so we did. with my sore ass and no voice i bought raccoons, chairs, a lady in a bikini, a picnic table, a dude playing a guitar and so on. i inserted those scenes into my terrariums and they sold.

it was then that i began to really play with this idea that my terrariums are not just about a way to play with my love of plants, but also an opportunity to tell a story, make a statement, shock or disrupt your assumptions… my terrariums became art installations. the way i approach them now shares similarities to my art making process. for me making art is not only about dealing with aesthetic and creating a beautiful object, but it serves an intellectual purpose, shifts your perspective, makes you react.
my terrariums aren’t always ground breaking statements, but they do serve as a platform to reach an audience beyond the art world and be able to interact with them and deliver a bit of art in a more friendly package. i see terri planty as a learning experience. i have only started to flirt with some of the ideas and things i want to make. i have so many more projects involving my love for plants and art that are just waiting patiently.

If by now you don’t think Bianca is someone you want to know…then I’m not sure how I feel about you. Okay, that might have been a little harsh, but really, how could you not. Anyone who uses furniture in their studio to pay an homage to Pee Wee’s Playhouse is just fine by me.

After that, you can do one of four things:
Definitely check out the Terri Planty blog


geek out: for your neck

by lizzie & isaiah on April 27, 2011 · 28 comments

We covered fingers. On to the neck.

1. Astrological Necklace from Julie Nolan via CatBird NYC 2. One + One Necklace from Faux/Real on Totokaelo 3. The Color Study II Locket from Verabel on Etsy 4. Caged Pearl Long Pendant from ASOS 5. Triangle Glass Locket from Moon and Sable on Etsy 6. Going in Circles Modern Pendant from The Polkadot Magpie on Etsy 7. Earth in Sea Green Agate from Classic Keepsakes on Etsy 8. 24 Karat Necklace from Need Supply Co. 9. Peace by Edor on Etsy

In other news: This is the man I love and it is his birthday.


shopping + dropping

April 14, 2011

I can promise you that I am almost done talking about shopping. The real culprit here is that Mother’s Day is close so I started shopping for mom…then I moved on (naturally) into shopping for me. And then I got this bright idea to shop for all of you! So you’re welcome. Stop throwing things. [...]

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geek out: for your digits

April 13, 2011

Turns out window shopping is addictive too. 1. “Tribute to Escher” by Australian shop Chronicles of Never, found on The Carrot Box//2. “Endless Love Ring” by St. Kilda Jewelry on Catbird//3. “My Pet Octopus” ring by Modcloth//4. Studded double-ring found on StyleHive//5. “Small Facet Ring” by LUCY Machine Jewelry on Etsy//6. From the No. 2 collection [...]

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shopping in my closet

April 11, 2011

I’m not into shopping. I’m really not, I swear. I do like browsing on Etsy. I love gifts. I like shopping thrifty. Who doesn’t lose their minds over free stuff? I hope I’m not alone in that, at least? I’ve only made a few purchases recently (besides Vinny and his ridiculously expensive needs so far) [...]

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treasurin’ fool

April 4, 2011

I have to stop digging around on Etsy, guys. I really do. It started as a search for inspiration. It wound up as a massive list of things I want. So I organized everything into treasuries instead of buying it all. Hopefully it will give you some inspiration…or at least something to dig through today [...]

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