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by lizzie & isaiah on March 9, 2011 · 18 comments

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Yesterday was International Women’s Day. It was a pretty fantastic day around the blog community thanks to these lovely ladies. Angie, Clare and Aisling got chicks talking yesterday about women’s issues with a guest posting event: In Her Own Words. In my post, “Roar Already,” I referred to myself as an “honorary dude,” as I’m often referred to by others based on my music and movie taste, disdain for shopping and sailor’s vernacular. Many women agreed they felt like this too and it had sometimes affected their friendships with other girls.

I cringed after I reread my post, slapped my own wrist and tried to unlearn 23 years of Extreme Gender Role Training. I won’t go too far into it, I just wanted to dog-ear it for my “list of things to change about the world.”¬†On to the wickedness that was yesterday (it continues today)!


The Unemployed Feminist” – Robin of HitchDied

Hear Me Roar” – Louise of Thirty-Something Bride

Roar Already” – Lizzie (Me) of Love Your Way

Doing Feminism” – Jo of Jo, Rooting

Imperfect Perfection” – Ruthy Ann of Discovery Street

Changing the Conversation” – Bird of Queer Skies Ahead

Early Awakenings” – Lindsay of Pretend You’re From a Good Family

Kiva and International Women’s Day” – Carolyn of La Reunion Life

Encouraging Minds” – Sarah of My San Fransisco Budget Wedding

Worth It” – Lyn of Another Damn Wedding & Another Damn Life

Feminism and Wifedom” – Giovanna of Swoon

When Your Knees are Shaking” – Jen of Smile in Motion

Confessions of a Mother” – Karen of Uncomfortably Honest and Honestly Uncomfortable


A Celebration of Women” – Clare of Any Other Wedding

The Lawyer” – Kirsty of A Safe Mooring

Choices” – Claire of Cakes and Bunting

Goldilocks and the Streak of Anarchy” – Anna K.

My Winding Road to Feminism” – Angie of One Cat Per Person

Because I Deserve It” – Rebecca, Charlotte and Adam of Rock My Wedding

The Phenomenal Woman” – Joan Hunter Dunn of Flowers and Stripes

Choice” – Rachel of Peacock Feather’s and Diamond Rings

Lessons I’ve Learnt” – Elizabeth of Bridal Musings

What Kind of Feminist ARE You?” – Elizabeth of Rosalilium

From Tragedy to Triumph” – Emma of The Honeymoon Project

Just the Beginning” – Aisling of Any Other Wedding

To Make You Smile” – Aisling and Clare of Any Other Wedding

The posts! They were brilliant. All of them. I loved reading through everyone’s take on feminism today and the tweet chat #inherownwords (you can see a transcript of the chat here) was really fun, although I couldn’t really participate as much as I would have liked to.

It’s absolutely worth it to read through every post. So don’t wait any longer, walk, run, jump to Any Other Wedding and One Cat Per Person.

Photo: Found on the Quicksilver blog in a post by Beth Jones and photographed by Laurel Dailey.