Freakout: The Unveiling

by lizzie & isaiah on November 7, 2010 · 0 comments

And so, after many (literally) months of studying what we love about WordPress blog designs and how to do them in a kick-ass way, we created, what is to us, a blog design that perfectly exemplifies Isaiah’s style and personality. Using the epitome of customizable WordPress themes, Thesis, we did it. One more emphasizing point and then I’m through. After 13 hours of starting at this (expletive) computer, c’est fini.

Do we hope joining the online discussion will get him a job? Hell yes. But mainly, he wants to network and share inspiration with other designers and folks who dig art. If you’d like, give him a big, warm welcome with me.

We’re in the process of redesigning this blog as well. Can’t wait to share.

Today, I’ll be at the Practical Wedding Dallas meetup with some rad ladies, and if you’re doing the same, tell me all about it.


Freakout: Career Concerns part II

by lizzie & isaiah on October 30, 2010 · 9 comments

I have talked about my career concerns a little bit lately. My brain is going a little nuts chewing on (or masticating, if you love that word as much as I do) the possibilities of the future.

I recently got some great advice from a pro that your first job certainly doesn’t define your career path. I don’t know why this instantly clicked for me…because it’s pretty common sense. I guess I had a plan set for my career. Obviously, you can’t do that. Life happens. I don’t have any idea what I want to do after graduation, but I used to. I guess I thought my first job after college would have to be something fantastic to set me off on the right path.

I got my first job when I turned 14. I learned the value of hard work. I have a much longer story as to the reason why I started working when I was 14, but that’s for another day. I went to college with the dream of becoming a lawyer and majored in political science. I had a little too much documented fun in my life to become a politician, but I could debate (argue) with the best of them.

My heart was broken by law and political science. I was a dreamer (hippie). I only ever loved to write.

I changed my major to journalism, specializing in public relations because it’s all writing, all the time, but with a hopeful career at the end. I have had seven internships in college – two in radio, two in public relations, two in graphic design and one in writing and editing. Three of them have been with company’s that I completely love and in industries that I could definitely see myself in (radio & magazine publishing).

Sidenote: My mom is the VP of her organization and has always been entrepreneurial and a brilliant, hard worker. She’s also a fantastic, loving mom who taught me things I thought everyone’s mom taught them. Turns out I was lucky.

I’ve always had big dreams. I took the “You can do anything you put your mind to” message in its absolute literal sense.

I’m writing on the defensive today, if you haven’t noticed..I don’t often defend my actions unless I feel they are being questioned. Has anyone ever said anything perfectly normal to you, but with tone that makes your blood boil a bit? One of those, “Well I’m willing to work hard” statements that automatically makes you go: “What, I’m not?”

Since that’s exactly the phrase that was said to me…and I feel like defending myself and explaining who I am a bit further, here’s this:

I can work hard (deep breath). I’m not delusional about owning a business. I saw what 80-hour workweeks look like. I don’t think it’s going to be penguin slippers and hot cocoa while I work from behind a computer in my comfy fabric-softened-comforter (we just did laundry).

I’m questioning entering corporate America, not because I can’t work hard and give it all, but because I don’t want that life. Public relations is completely unappealing to me now. The industry seems to be made up of entitled girls (yes, mainly women) that saw Sex & the City too many times at an impressionable age. If it’s not “that” girl, it’s someone spreading buzz words like “engage. synergy. communicate. connect.” until they’re meaningless.

Beyond that, I know that owning a business with your partner is not always a good idea. I think it takes a rare kind of couple to be able to work together. I’m not tooting our horn at all, in fact, the fact that we’re one of those couples means something else horrible: That we get jobs away from each other in the name of practicality. Then, because we’re apart for extensive periods of time, we end up fostering an increasing hatred for our jobs (the reason we’re apart) until we’re miserable.

I realize how unhealthy that reads, now that I’ve typed it out. I just want you to know that. But why is it that way? We’re deciding that this is the person you want to spend forever with…why should it be crazy to say you don’t care for being away from each other much?

Anyways, this post has taken a turn for verbal-diarrhea territory.

My point, in as few words as possible: I changed career courses because of the change in my life plans. I didn’t expect to get married. I didn’t expect to want to live my life with another person’s heart before my own.

I have a tendency, when I work, to dedicate everything. I know that if I found work that I was good at and enjoyed, I would work as much as possible. I get attached to company goals. I get attached to ideas and want to see them through to the end. I would work 60+ hour workweeks, I just know it. That’s not the life I want.

I find Isaiah far too ribbiting to want to be away from him for 60 hours per week.


Freak Out: No Lizzie, Slash ramble

by lizzie & isaiah on July 16, 2010 · 8 comments

First off forgive the countless grammer mistakes, Lizzie’s my own personal world class editor.  Second, damn I miss that gal, and its only been 5hrs so far.

Last night the whole goal was to get errands ran and get her stuff together early so we could chill and enjoy our last evening together before the trip.  In the words of Charlie Murphy, “WRONG!”.  We went to Best Buy and Chilli’s and didn’t get home (house sitting at her Mom’s place), Till 8ish.  Then we sat down and watched dvrd last comic standing while folding and repacking then repacking again.  Yeah.  Rewind to earlier that day when I asked her what time she’d meet me out by her moms and she rattled off the laundry list of things left to do one of which was waxing…. HER FACE.  This is a truth of the female grooming regiment that I, having grown up sitting for hours in the back of my Mom’s salon, have come to terms with.  I said hun, bring your stuff with you and do that at your moms house.  Fast FWD again,  apparently we have a weak little low wat microwave so when you heat wax in a top of the line engineering marval the outcome is dramatically different.

Lizzie: Isaiah! come here… somethings wrong with the plastic. (Hot wax sitting on marble countertop of moderately new/renovated home)

Isaiah:  (Wrongly quick to blame) How long did you put it in for? (watching as the thin melting plastic becomes almost clear then burst and spews molten hot wax which i first, on reflex, try to stop with my middle finger)

Isaiah: FU*# SHI@# FUUU*# OW!

I tried to pull it together and compose a game plan to get this mini BP domestic disaster under control.  I think: ice inflamed finger, get vegetable oil and scrape this shit up.

I reached for the oil picking it up by the not properly tightened last lid. YEP. Domestic disaster dos.

After scraping that horrible junk of that beautiful counter and floor and soaking then mopping both location the night leaving us with very little time to relax.

I still have to go back sometime  soon and touch up a little missed remaining residue.

Today went as planned and Lizzie left to go on her wonderful program over seas.  And I miss her more than i thought i could, finding myself at an empty apt with the cats and little else to do.

Wedding planning can wait… I might be tackling that play list while she’s gone… hope she dont mind.


Not Dead

by lizzie & isaiah on July 6, 2010 · 19 comments

We’re not dead. We celebrated our anniversary yesterday on July 4th at home, really a relaxing night. My wisdom teeth fiasco is almost at its end with a bump in the last few days here. It’s really taken all of the energy out of me. I did, however, have an annoying amount of time alone to think.

Here’s my thoughts: I’m in three classes for the five-week summer course, meaning loads of work, working an internship that I love, and getting ready for a study abroad trip {less than two weeks now} of my dreams. Everything is going well here in Texas. I’ve been working on being more optimistic, trying new things lately, growing up. Along with that process came the sad end of my Monroe piercing and the growing out of my hair. The only thing I seem to cling to that makes me feel like the badass I feel like inside are cigarettes.

It’s weird…the first time I tried to quit, I was 19. I love cigarettes, though. Even still, really. Anyways, past that. When I found cigarettes…I clung to them like a facking raft. I felt comfort in cigarettes. I defined myself by them, even. Friends of mine who smoked for 10 years longer than I have were frightened at times by how much I smoked. I still wish (& kind of hope) I could smoke the occasional cigarette.

I’m six days without now. Not a happy girl.

It might be impossible for you to understand, or maybe it’s easier for some, but I feel like we spend our whole lives putting adjectives before our names. Choosing what we’ll be known as. Lizzie the: Smoker, Sailor’s-Mouth-Carrier, Perpetual-Rule-Breaker.

The easiest adjectives to add are “the bad” ones. Some like “Lying” or “Slutty” go on after one night sometimes, eh? Anyways, the more adjectives that I peel back from my name, the “less” I feel. Less badass, less rebellious, less myself. I know this is an unusually personal post for me, I’m just…going through something with this quitting smoking thing! I know it’s probably silly – most people are all: “Why don’t you just throw them out?”

I did…and I hope it just takes a little while to redefine yourself without.

Do you get what I’m saying? Have you given up something that you felt defined you before?


Venue Freakout

June 22, 2010

A.K.A. What kind of wedding do we really want? Isaiah and I have been so torn on what kind of wedding we want, and in turn, what venue should the wedding be held in. So far, the only decision we have set in stone is the venue, but wait…not really. We have two very distinct [...]

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Freakout: Wisdom Teeth

June 7, 2010

I found out when I was 14 that I had two wisdom teeth that were going to come through. They offered back then to go in and get them, but me being horribly terrified of needles and remembering every horror story my mom told me about problems she had afterward, I politely declined. So now [...]

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Hair Dilemma

May 13, 2010

To grow or not to grow my hair longer. There’s a very awkward phase (I hope most people go through it or I will just feel awful) that my hair goes through between “medium” and “long.” It’s the reason why I have only had “long” hair once in my whole life. Back in my volleyball/cheerleading [...]

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Wedding Coordinator Etiquette

April 29, 2010

Isaiah and I have been talking with over a dozen coordinators about the specifics of their venues. When you are working on a budget, the number one rule is communication. Telling them point blank what works and what doesn’t is the only way to prevent getting snowballed into paying for a wedding that wasn’t exactly [...]

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April 21, 2010

My landlord left a note saying, “There will be no electricity for the majority of Tuesday” on my door last week. Despite the words, “no electricity..” “majority of Tuesday…”, I didn’t think twice about the message. So when my alarm buzzed this morning, I awoke with an overwhelming vertigo because of the blank microwave, apparently [...]

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