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home sweet inspiration: city-kid love shoot

by lizzie & isaiah on September 7, 2011 · 15 comments

You guys. No, really, you guys. I not only want Melanie and Bradford Watson of La Dolce Vita Studio to take our photos…I might want us to be this couple, at least during the shoot. Because, really. They’re enviable, right? Right.

About the photographers: Melanie and Bradford’s style together is unique and fresh with that rocker grit and edge. I could gush about them all day, but let me get to the facts. They set up their camp in Jacksonville, Florida and they are a pretty rad couple that work together – you know we always dig a story like that.

About the couple: Christiana and Mark just seem like people you would want to hang out with just so a tiny bit of their cool would ooze off on you, right? And that’s just from the photos? What if you knew they were both musicians? What if I told you Mark is in a metal band? What if I told you Christiana used to sing lead in a hardcore band and is a classically trained violinist? That’s what I thought.

You’re dying to see more, right? I hope so. You can stalk La Dolce Vita by checking out their blog and their Facebook page. Their natural and authentic style in this city-kid session tells me their gonna knock your shorts off more and more with each shoot.


home sweet inspiration: rocker love on the beach

by lizzie & isaiah on August 31, 2011 · 11 comments

Kelsey Rosser is a pretty bitchin’ artistic and concert photographer (she has 7 ADDY awards, yo, that’s a big fucking deal). From her boudoir sessions to promo and commercial shoots, Kelsey has a dynamic style that screams clarity and a great eye for angles and perspective. This rocker beach engagement session seems a step away from her usual style, and for good reason – it’s her good friend Candace and her fiance.

“[Candace] may be a tiny piny,” Kelsey said, “But she can hold her own in the wall of death, which is why this was such a fun shoot for me. It was the total opposite of who they are behind the scenes.”

Check out the weddings Kelsey has shot and tell me you don’t want her to be your wedding photographer. Go ahead, check them out. Right?