Let’s Get Real

When things get weird, or, What the What?

by lizzie & isaiah on March 4, 2012 · 3 comments

I went to an HR conference last weekend. I know, and I loved it.

That’s weird.

I can’t stay out past midnight without hiding yawns in my elbow and playing it off like I was doing a pit-check.

That’s weird.

Things have been weird lately. I love my job. Isaiah’s busy with school. We’re fighting to find time together. I have a cousin who two last year and just turned 15. I realize those things don’t sound so weird alone, but it kind of feels like our lives have taken a sharp turn to Adultville and I don’t remember the drive.

So things are strange.

But since things have been weird, we have been trying to embrace it and make things, uh, weirder.

New hobbies, new habits, and we’re, like, going out … like normal 20-somethings.



Work and Weddings

by lizzie & isaiah on February 28, 2012 · 17 comments

Isaiah and I got engaged when I was a junior in college.

We had a flobbity jillion reasons to put wedding plans on hold immediately and wait for a couple of years: health insurance, waiting for careers, etc.

One of the reasons we tried to pretend was real was time. At the time, in college, I thought I was the busiest I could ever get. It’s ridiculous now that I look back and I realize how much free time I had. The reality? Everything has gotten exponentially complicated.

I can’t seem to get any of the details together in reality. We haven’t sent out Sa-the-Das yet. I haven’t ordered a dress yet. We’re ridiculously behind. I keep planning times to plan and they’re not working out.

I love my job. I think about my job and how I can do it better most nights and weekends. Isaiah and I also do anywhere between 10 and 30 hours of contract work per week and I have to sleep, prepare food, take care of animals, enjoy time with Isaiah, etc.

How in holy hell do you plan a wedding and work and have animals and freelance? What the EFF.


Priorities: Money, Food, Ridiculous Tumblrs

by lizzie & isaiah on February 14, 2012 · 6 comments

There are a list of adult things you’re supposed to be able to handle when you’re in your mid-to-late-twenties. Things:

  • Balance your checkbook
  • Go to the bank and, like, talk to them about your money and shit
  • Shop for groceries and provide food for yourself and your partner
  • Keep your aminals fed and happy
  • Exercise
  • Clean your living space on a reasonable basis
  • Manage your sleep schedule
  • Make a living
The problem here is that our priority list shifts, like, really quickly to this:
  • Make a living
  • Make regular, expensive food runs shop for groceries and provide food for yourself and your partner
  • Keep your aminals fed and happy
  • Freelance work for more money
  • Manage your sleep schedule
  • Clean your living space on a reasonable basis
  • Go to the bank
  • Balance checkbook
  • Create ridiculous Tumblrs with the minutes of free time we have in a week
  • Exercise
  • Plan our wedding
I only have room for so many priorities and the adult ones are pretty boring. Naturally, they suffer most when we’re ultra busy. Our place is a mess. I haven’t slept a normal eight hours in a couple of months. I don’t even think I have a checkbook linked to my account, so how am I meant to balance it?
But thanks to our complete lack of adulthood and grownuppery, I give you our latest projects:
Isaiah has created a Tumblr dedicated to photo mashups of Neil Patrick Harris and the famous Patricks. It’s called Neil Patrick Stewart, but he has also done Neil Patrick Dempsey and Neil Patrick Star.
As wastes of time go, this one is pretty hilarious.

Two Revisions

I’ve been a little burned out from writing about serious shit all the time. I am also obsessed with Pinterest. I started a Tumblr for our design inspiration, our design work and all things badass. We’re sharing everything from tattoo inspiration to Malkovich-ness to Parks and Recreation-inspired design. I’m pretty excited about it. We’ll likely move our design talks off of this blog and over to the Tumblr until we can come up with a better solution. Cool? Cool.

I’m pretty excited about it. Even if our place is better absorbed at the moment with our eyes closed, McAwesome was totally worth it.

Also! Valentine’s Day!

These phenomenal Valentine’s cards are from Ben Kling. He’s a pretty creative little dude. He has a series of TV characters, dictators, historical dudes, and I’m pretty sure more are coming. Stay tuned for an awesome Valentine’s.

And have a great one, yo.


Think for Yourself, You Fucking Hipster

by lizzie & isaiah on February 13, 2012 · 14 comments

I went through this phase once. I wouldn’t listen to bands other people listened to. Any brand name or new clothing I had stuck out that year in my closet. I was a vegetarian. I dreamed day and night of living in Portland. I was undeniably hipster and called out on it for the majority of 2007. The memory seems faint and ridiculous to me now.

Vegetarianism is not ridiculous. Thrifting isn’t ridiculous. Listening to unknown, local indie bands isn’t ridiculous. But before I did each of those things at the time, I thought about their perception.

And now. Now, nothing fucking annoys me more than a group of thoughtless hipsters who drink PBR ironically, listen to the latest in the indie phenomenon and loudly talk about how weird their taste is. “Yeah man, I don’t really care if plaid’s not in style or if kids make fun of my loafers, I’m just doing me.” Really? Plaid is totally in style. Every fucktard on the block is decked out in plaid and Tom’s.

No matter what style you fall under, whether you’re deliberately trying to fit in with a certain style or you are being yourself and happen to match it, there’s a blueprint for each category of person and you’re bound to fit within it. But the point of “hipsterdom” is being yourself. Or, at least it was, right? Don’t go along with the mainstream society of meateaters, be a vegan. Don’t buy new, buy antique. Blah blah blah.

It’s time to admit that hipsterdom is the mainstream. You’re vegan because it’s hip to be. You’re a thrifter because it’s hip to be. You wear plaid and a full beard because it’s hip.

You keep thinking that people don’t “get you” and your oh-so-unique style with your Mumford and Sons and your beach cruiser bike. But they do. They get you. You’re just not that interesting. 

If something you like happens to fall into the realm of hipsterdom, awesome, love it. No problems. If something’s been dubbed lame or you, like, really love meat, do that. If you like Marky Mark and the Funky Bunch in a totally embarrassing, non-ironic way, do you, man, do you. 

But seriously, for the sake of your future children, quit following trends blindly…even trends that claim to be offbeat and unique…because they’re not. I’m pretty sure that the man-scarf-with-a-tshirt look is the parachute pant of our day.

Photo: threadless t-shirt design


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December 23, 2011

Several of Isaiah’s family members are practicing Jehovah’s Witnesses. One of the things I’ve always hated about our Protestant churches is that they are so judgy of other religions. I’m talking even within the Protestants.  We aren’t like that. But, the intolerance can certainly go both ways.

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