Mixtape Masters

Mixtape Masters: Do the Math Rock

December 3, 2010

If you haven’t noticed, we LOVE Mixtape Masters. This week, we wanted to share another one of our absolutely favorite genres: Math rock. If you aren’t into math rock, you don’t know what you’re missing, but there’s no time for lecturing…we’ve got everything you need to get started right here. Enjoy the mix. Enjoy the [...]

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Mixtape Masters: Trip-Hop Nation

November 19, 2010

Isaiah’s home genre is the rock, post-industrial rock, space rock, awesome-rock-ness genre. Mine is trip-hop. We share a love for trip-hop for sure and Isaiah definitely introduces me to a wealth of trip-hop…but the Sneaker Pimps have been my jam since the first day I heard Becoming X and one of the only things that [...]

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Mixtape Masters: Rainy Day Post-Modern Rock

November 12, 2010

Today’s Mixtape Masters is all about post-modern rock love. Some of our favorite instrumental and experimental vocal bands together in perfect freaking unison. We’ve been doing a lot of freelance writing and design and my final layout for the magazine was due yesterday, so I speak from experience when I say there’s no better type [...]

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Mixtape Masters: Hiphoppinators

November 5, 2010

It’s no secret to anyone who knows us that we love us some good hip-hop. Not that Luda, Snoop Dogg, okay…actually, both of them are pretty awesome…but not pop-hip-hop or club-hip-hop for the most part. We love gritty, heartfelt, say-something-real hip-hop. Maybe it’s the Chicago in us. That’s why we started off today’s Mixtape Masters [...]

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Mixtape Masters: Chillfest

October 29, 2010

So the delightful Angie and Ashley took comments urging a music share-fest pretty damn seriously, and here we are with Mixtape Masters. Pretty dope. We wanted our first mixtape to be a chillfest of trip-hoppy, moody goodness and some sweet vocals intertwined. Enjoy. The Life and Times – Old Souls Jeff Buckley – Calling You [...]

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