Momentous Moments

ONE YEAR, 300 posts

by lizzie & isaiah on April 15, 2011 · 22 comments

One year ago we started this blog as a way to keep track of venues and share our wedding planning process with our family. Soon after, we connected with Angie, our first “reader” (read: friend from the blog) and we realized that our “readers” were more awesome bloggers and strangers and less our family (I don’t think any of them read anymore).

Our “blogiversary” and 300th post fell on the same day and it’s a Friday…so you know, triple hell yeah.

We bitch & moan (in a hopefully humorous way), we should have already been married by now, we defend ourselves against our own insecurities sometimes, we sometimes talk about the mundane, we went through a wedding industry clash, we’ve been broke, we’ve tried to share things that work for us, we’ve been through mutual career crises and got a puppy. We’ve tried bringing some great folks in to talk about shit we can’t talk about yet. We’ve tried showing some love back to you.

This year has been one of growth and fights and weird phases, shopping and carving our niche out and graduating. We’ve talked about things I’m not sure would’ve been touched on if we hadn’t had this space and you awesome people around us.

So happy birthday, blog. I guess here’s to another year.


six flags and family

by lizzie & isaiah on April 6, 2011 · 23 comments

Well, that’s not an attractive face is it? Hm. Not a great way to start off a post.

After this weekend, I can now say I’ve been on a full-on roller coaster, my friends.

I may or may not be 23 and still irrationally terrified of roller coasters.

I also may or may not have seen Final Destination 3 just before I was certain I was ready to give it a shot.

I was 11 the first time I tried to go on a roller coaster. It’s called The Whizzer and it’s still operational at Six Flags Great America (Gurnee). My cousin held my hand. In the middle of the first incline, I had an accident. I whizzed myself on The Whizzer. That’s a bear of a memory, folks. I also don’t remember seeing any of the Six Flags staff with bleach and rags afterward either…so if you rode The Whizzer after me summer of 1999, I sincerely apologize.

After the first ride this past weekend, I bucked up (largely due to disapproving stares from my 13-year-old cousin that said “wimp”) and rode all of the major coasters on site. Even Mr. Freeze.

Besides that, we have family in from out-of-town this weekend and we’ve been tying up a few freelance projects. One of which was a custom header completed for the lovely Cambria Bold, Apartment Therapy blogger, writer and musician. Her blog, The Typeface Warbler, is just getting up and running and is one you’re gonna want to follow.

I hope your week is going lovely and you’re pumped about Wednesday. I’m off to count my points for this morning’s delicious breakfast.


mixtape masters: psychetude and number 200

by lizzie & isaiah on December 31, 2010 · 8 comments

mixtape masters - music handpicked for the week

We had quite the day yesterday. We spent four hours waiting for a tow-truck…after we decided that my car has been a decoration for far too long (long story), haggled at pep boys over coupons and then took a couple of holiday gift cards out for a treat of a day.

You should know this about us…if you haven’t guessed already. Isaiah was a singer in a rock band for seven years. He is a fantastic singer. I sang in a band for a few years, choir now and then…but mostly I’m a karaoke queen. We sing in the car together just about every minute we’re on the road to anywhere. Not seriously. No. Serious singing is reserved for the nights when I bust out the piano and we plug in the audio interface and get things started over a bottle of wine. This is the most ridiculous mockery you’ve heard of music. We go back and forth trying to make the song sound like the most exaggerated version of itself.

Last night we couldn’t seem to escape “Pump up the Jam” and “Jump Around,” which got us talking that there are a ton of songs from the 90′s (and one from 1989) that keep bringing psychetude to the table.

“How I Met Your Mother” is arguably one of our favorite shows…so we wanted to bring a “Get Psyched” mix to you this week in honor of Barney’s New Year’s Mix.

Get psyched, will you?

get psyched on love your way design and wedding blog - new year's eve mixtape masters with house of pain jump around, technotronic pump up the jam, deee-lite groove is in the heart, tribe called quest bonita applebum 2011

This is our 200th post. We’re pretty excited about it. A lot has happened in 200 posts, we think. We’ve been up and down the wedding planning roller coaster, but still have nothing decided. I went to Europe, during which Isaiah finally learned how to use WordPress. We’ve talked about things I never thought would be something necessary to talk about.

We’ve talked about a few pretty things.

But mainly, it might sound nerdy and introspective, but I feel like we’ve learned a lot about ourselves and pushed our relationship deeper than before…through community, through deliberate thought and consideration, and honestly, forcing our minds to go where they may not have gone if we hadn’t been part of the blog-world.

I’m grateful for you, friends.

Enjoy your new year. We’ll be huddling close with family this year and enjoying another quiet holiday. Resolutions and new year-isms to follow shortly.

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