Geek Out: Skincare Edition

by lizzie & isaiah on October 20, 2010 · 24 comments

I have a secret. I have had horribly persistent acne since I was 16. It hit me late. I got it after most kids were already cleared up from various medications – over-the-counter and prescription.

I tried everything. My family has generously spent at least $4,000 clearing up my skin. Nothing worked. I’ve had microdermabrasion, chemical peels, b-peels, extractions, scar treatment, an overnight bag’s worth of prescriptions, ProActiv, the next new thing, not eating meat, vitamins, not wearing makeup (which was painful), not touching my face, using regular soap – deep breath – I’ve tried e’erythang.

I would clear up for about two weeks and then it would be back…angrier than ever. I’ve worn makeup since the first outbreak in junior year, and I haven’t gone much more than a day without it. It’s hidden pretty well under there, but it affected my life, my self-confidence, my routine in a big way. I wouldn’t go to the gym in the morning – didn’t want to put on make up in the a.m. only to sweat and have to waste another day’s worth in the afternoon. I couldn’t be spontaneous, if I had already washed off my face for the evening, there was no going back.

Needless to say, I found something that worked.

A month and a half ago, I was upset over a recent breakout and wearing a heavy amount of makeup on our regular trip to Albertson’s (Jewel for you midwesterners). I waltzed down the skin/hair/”feminine” aisle while Isaiah picked out our delicious beer choice for the night. (We settled on Flying Dog, if you were curious).

I was sucked in, like the skincare aisle does to me, with cheap promises and bright-colored packaging. I bought this system for $15.99 just on a whim. I was a major skeptic, took about two weeks to see any change.

But in a month, my skin has gone from yikes to needing a tinted moisturizer everyday instead of cakey foundation. I’m pretty stoked. My scars have all but gone away and my skin tone is even (dry, but even).

I’m not paid, trying a free product or practicing for an infomercial. I was just getting desperate for a solution. And I found one. So if you’re in a similar situation, check it out. Also – if you’re oily and aren’t a big fan of constant powdering – it really changed the whole “texture” of my skin as well.

I just humbly recommend it. That’s all.

I’m not sure about everyone else out there…but all the pretty decorations, DIY projects and photo props wouldn’t have made me feel any prettier if I was worried about showing my “real” face at the wedding. So there – connection established.