easy DIY halloween costumes

by lizzie & isaiah on October 31, 2011 · 10 comments

Isaiah and I don’t do costumes.

We searched for weeks for zero-effort costumes. Then we searched for medium-effort costumes. Then we went to Spirit Halloween, which might have been the single worst retail experience we have ever been through.

First, we thought about going as Napoleon Dynamite and Pedro. As in, I would be Napoleon. Isaiah would be Pedro. Or vice versa, I really didn’t give a fuck. I just needed to make sure I had something for the office party and I’m not opposed to wearing a tack-on mustache, although I spend hours a week making sure I don’t have a real one.

I popped open the simple buttons on the costume packaging to throw on the shirt to make sure it fit. We thought we had a winner. With a shirt halfway over my head, I felt a tap on my shoulder. The clerk was reminding us that Spirit prefers you try on clothes in an unsupervised dressing room after waiting in a 50-minute line than out in the open where they can see you. Awesome.

We grabbed Where’s Waldo and Where’s Wendy, Mario & Luigi and some 70′s cop getup that would have us both in curly afros and aviators. We waited in line. The attendant separated out the pieces of our costume that we were “allowed” to try on and we were shuffled into separate dressing rooms despite saying that we had no problem sharing one because we were just throwing on t-shirts over our clothes. “Sorry, I can’t,” she laughed nervously.

Neither of our dressing rooms had mirrors. Do I need to say more, really?

We left.

I found a goofy bear cap and huge sunglasses for a grand total of $12 from Wal-Mart and was planning on going as a sock-girl from Little Big Planet. Isaiah didn’t have a costume and it didn’t feel right. We stuck together and bought a pack of blank name tags and planned to go as “Dave” a la Jim from The Office.

Isaiah had a genius idea, made the graphics and sent them over for me to print and cut out after work before the party. It tickled me, honestly. I wore an hourglass icon and he wore a cursor. He was cursed. I was saved.

If you don’t care about Halloween and you want an easy fix to the costume problem, you can print out the easy-peasy PDF “costumes” below, thanks to Isaiah.

If you really need directions, here you go:

1. Print.

2. Cut with an x-acto knife.

3. Don’t cut off fingers.

4. Tape to shirt.

For the cursor icon, download this printable PDF.

For the hourglass, download this printable PDF.

Either way, I want to know what your Halloween costume policy is and what you’re going as/went as this year. So spill. Just because I don’t like wearing or, more accurately, buying costumes doesn’t mean I don’t like to see or hear about them, jeez.


resource: social media icons

by lizzie & isaiah on April 14, 2011 · 4 comments

template thursdays - free download printable template on love your way design and wedding blog

Things have been insanely busy. We’ve been busting tail with the new pup and the Marriage Demons series has been taking place every Monday & Thursday on the blog, so there’s been no time for Template Thursdays. A few more folks wanted to weigh in on Marriage Demons and of course we were stoked, since we want to get more and more and more and more advice. You know. So we’re giving them some time to get their posts together and, in the meantime, wanted to resume the regularly-scheduled-freebie-calendar. You can google “custom social media icons” and come up with a trillion rad icons. Or, you can follow the easy-peasy directions below and use these on your blog if you’d rather. We’re working on putting together a pretty bitchin’ full set, but for now, these are the ones you use most, no?

No need to link back, no worries at all. They’re free…as in…actually free…not that whole…sign up for 10 $50 offers first free. Enjoy.

Click each platform’s name to open the image in a new tab, then right click and save (make sure it saves as a .png unless you want a thin white background to show).




There’s some beginning HTML code help to get you started using image tags, which (I think) is the easiest way to get started with custom social media icons.

Hope it helps! We’re excited to continue on with Marriage Demons and hear from some more folks on the topic. If you have an opinion and want to show some scared little engaged kids shaking in their boots the light, email me at lizziesmithson [at] gmail [dot] com. I would love to hear from you.


template: the faviconator

by lizzie & isaiah on February 17, 2011 · 27 comments

template thursdays - free download printable template on love your way design and wedding blog

I love The Broke-Ass Couple. I’ve said that already, no?

Well, they had a giveaway recently for Airplanes and Blazers tickets. Obviously, a weekend in Vegas sounded like an awesome getaway and I was plotting how we were gonna get there if we won. Dana asked everyone to list their three favorite dance jams. Ours? “Humpty Dance” by the Digital Underground, “Groove is in the Heart” by Deee-Lite  and “Bulletproof” by La Roux.

But, we weren’t gonna win, were we? Turns out, we did.

Also turns out the rest of the trip was gonna be a bit expensive and the family we have in Nevada weren’t gonna be available for us to stay with and a bunch of things just didn’t line up and blah-blah-blah (insert the million excuses people normally use for acting responsible and not attending a party in Vegas on Monday night when they have to work Tuesday).

I may have assumed we were a bit more spontaneous and unlucky than we are.

Anyway, to celebrate the death of our almost-weekend-getaway-in-Vegas, we’ve decided to run away to Austin this weekend and roam the South. It’s something.

I had to tell the story, even if it didn’t work out, right?

On to today’s template!

In case you don’t know what a favicon is, it’s that little square icon on the many, many tabs you probably have open at any given time next to the title of the site. If your site has a little square “W” for WordPress or a little square “B” for Blogger or a black square for Squarespace, you can definitely change that backstage.

download a favicon

If don’t have access to design software and the like, you can download one of these favicons Isaiah made for you (Isn’t he sweet?) today.

From left to right:

Favicon 1Favicon 2Favicon 3

Enjoy. If you happen to be heading to the Airplanes and Blazers party, don’t rub it in our faces.


template: i friggin’ heart you

by lizzie & isaiah on February 10, 2011 · 29 comments

template thursdays - free download printable template on love your way design and wedding blog

Isaiah and I, actually, enjoy Valentine’s Day. Yes, we agree, you should be lovin’ on each other all year round…Who needs another Hallmark holiday to tell someone how they feel, yadda yadda…But Valentine’s Day is also a day of memories for us…from the days we really cared about Valentine’s Day.

Isaiah surprised me by flying from Chicago to Texas so we could spend our first Valentine’s Day together. It was the first time I cooked for him. It was also the first time he realized he was in love with a girl who didn’t know how to tell when meat was fully cooked. One cut into that pink chicken and he swept up the plates and took off for the microwave like my knight in shining armor.

I ordered him a pair of shoes (that he still wears) and made him a polaroid and post-it scrapbook that we still look through every Valentine’s Day. I don’t believe New Years makes people “better humans” or anything either, but what else is any holiday but a chance to stop…pause and reflect on things that have happened in the year before?

But for those of you who aren’t all ooey-gooey about Valentine’s Day and those of you (us) who are alike, we made a Valentine’s-themed printable for the week.

free printable valentine's day card

free printable love card

Once again, my yellow-lit apartment does not make beautiful product shots like some of the best, but I hope you enjoy nonetheless.

Download your non-mushy Valentine’s Day card here.

Happy Valentime!


template: happy birthday

February 3, 2011

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Isaiah started school yesterday. Maybe that doesn’t give how excited I am enough credit…but I don’t really need to clutter up this post with a million exclamation points and all caps to get the point across, do I? I do? ISAIAH STARTED SCHOOL YESTERDAY!!! WOOOOO! Well then. We’ve been on different projects for a while, [...]

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template: custom bridal shower invitations

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It was about time we learned how to make editable PDF’s. We wanted to make something using a little less color so they are easier to print at home, so download the PDF, edit your info (all of the text fields are editable) and print. Download your editable bridal shower invitations. *I really don’t want [...]

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I have been DYING to design lately. I recently finished a freelance resume, logo and business card design to brand a new client, but I have been craving creative license. In Template Thursdays last week, we promised we’d start taking photos of our freebies so you can picture them just a little better (there was no [...]

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template: champagne for my real friends

December 30, 2010

Isaiah and I have been…um. “taste testing” all sorts of different champagnes in preparation for New Year’s Eve. Or, you could just say we’ve been enjoying ourselves some delicious $8 Moscato Spumante lately. Hey. It’s the holidays. Anyway, we’re gonna start off 2011 right by taking photos of our weekly templates so you can get [...]

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