shopping in my closet

by lizzie & isaiah on April 11, 2011 · 21 comments

I’m not into shopping. I’m really not, I swear. I do like browsing on Etsy. I love gifts. I like shopping thrifty. Who doesn’t lose their minds over free stuff? I hope I’m not alone in that, at least? I’ve only made a few purchases recently (besides Vinny and his ridiculously expensive needs so far) and most have been new-house-related.

So I have been digging through forgotten things I own (as I always do when I move) and reviving a few year+ old purchases to make myself feel like I’m going shopping in my closet. You know…you do that too, right? Right.

My mah got me this ring for Christmas. She did good, right?

She also bought me this purse from Kohl’s for my birthday. I was pretty stoked to find it all rockstarred out despite my pretty deep hatred for clothes (besides basics) from Kohl’s.

Isaiah got me these notebooks a while ago and I adore them. The size, shape (and that’s what she said) and designs on the covers keep my brain-juices flowing while I’m jotting down ideas and what not.

We got together this weekend with my little cousins (in from out of town) and did crafties. I mainly helped them with their projects, but we had a little time to throw together an Easter decoration for the new place (we’re not big on holiday decor outside of Christmas).

If you want to shop, however, be my guest. I’ve been curatin’ all kinds of treasuries up in this joint and I wasn’t planning on stopping…on account of how FUH-REAKING fun it is. This one is called Neutral Eclectic and it’s up now, everything’s still for sale, yo, so get buying (including those geo earrings from A Merry Mishap we brought up before, you know you still want a pair).

Lastly, this week has been mostly about Vinny and how adorable and squishy and playful and fun he is. But we haven’t forgotten about Wishbone. He’s still getting as much playtime and attention as ever.

It’s really comforting to trust Isaiah and have everything come together well. He assured me that our life would grow and make room for Vinny. That I would fall in love him and he would be my little dude. That we would have enough time and attention for him. He was right.


i trust you to trust me

by lizzie & isaiah on January 15, 2011 · 9 comments

salvador dali rhino trust

Dali and the Rhino via pinterest

Have you read the NY Times article – “Sustainable Love” – that was buzzing around last week and the week before? It’s interesting. The topic is quoted as “The Happy Marriage is a ‘Me’ Marriage.” It’s about how we need to experience self-growth for our relationships to remain happy and fulfilling.

I thought the article was an interesting look at the modern relationship, part of me felt uneasy while I read it and I couldn’t put my finger on why until now.

I mulled over a post about trust and how I feel we take care of each other so we don’t have to take as much caution in protecting ourselves and our dreams. But instead of being the profound thought I was hoping for, I wound up completely, irrationally upset and mumbling about trust like a babbling idiot. “Well of course you need individuality, BUT what about trust?! What about togetherness?! What about one family/love/dream?!”

Of course, I never could make sense of it all.

I will say that I am a fiercely independent woman. I swore against marriage. Thought it wouldn’t let me get where I wanted to go in life: The White House! Hopping around from country to country! Oh, the fantastic single life I was going to lead!

Our relationship has since been a trust fall. I have let certain pieces of too-many-dreams go for our collective future – and Isaiah has done the same. But we move forward together to our ever-morphing dream of the future.

It’s a goal Isaiah and I have forever: To take care of one another…so we don’t have to be selfish to make sure our hearts are protected.

Sometimes I feel as though humans don’t give each other enough credit. From the “I am #1″ mentality to this article, we seem to be creeping more and more into the idea of marriage that two people will continue on (usually) parallel lines toward the future….I suppose I pictured Isaiah’s and my timelines joined together a long time ago. When mine moves, his moves, just like that. When his moves, mine moves, just like that (you can rap it, it’s okay).

I also believe that you can’t be “half of a full circle together” and that it takes two whole people to make one relationship. But that’s getting back into that that ongoing ramble, isn’t it?

All I want to say:

Because I let go of myself enough to embrace trust, I feel free to be and better myself. So yes to individuality! Hooray independence! But – trust makes it easy to leap. We’re ready to fail and succeed on our individual ventures together.

How about you – trust/independence? How do you make the balance work?