jersey who-now?

by lizzie & isaiah on June 6, 2011 · 19 comments

A week ago someone asked us if we named Vinny after Jersey Shore. I was all, “Jersey Who-now?”

Enter Wednesday, when we’re dog-sitting my mom’s dog and exhausting her amazing collection of OnDemand and impressive channel list and we finish everything we’ve DVR’d for the last week or so, all of the new episodes of Parks & Recreation, The Office, The Voice and we even watched the season finale, another first, of American Idol. I didn’t understand what was happening exactly, but I always love Marc Anthony when he sticks to salsa like it was ordained by the freaking gods.

Anyway, we run out of stuff to watch. Which, coincidentally, is the same way I got sucked into a summer of Ruby and Rock of Love as well. Jersey Shore is on. We decide we’ll tune in just to make fun of yet another MTV flop of a show. In the beginning, we’re laughing at them. “GTL,” “DTF,” “Grenades…” We repeated their common phrases in meathead voices and reenacted the JWoww and Sammi fight pulling each other’s hair and laughing.

Before we knew it, we finished three episodes and there weren’t anymore on for the day. I was surprised that both, yes both, of us were disappointed that there wasn’t more to watch and we spent a little while that afternoon talking about Snooki and Sammi and how we thought the letter wasn’t worth all that hair-pulling. We talked for a second about the sexist boys and how they deserve every slap and STD they can find in the clubs, but mainly we were just talking about it.

So when it popped up on our Netflix queue…we may or may not….have watched both seasons in an obsessed marathon this weekend…So I don’t have anything to say that wouldn’t ruin my credibility and nothing major happened this weekend because we were busy watching other people’s hyper-real lives on Sunday and too many hours of Jersey Shore has erased my short-term memory so I can’t remember what we did on Saturday. Shoot.

I’ve crossed over, kids. I love Jersey Shore.

Photo: Promo photo found on the Sydney Morning Herald